"If you have faith as a grain of a mustard seed... nothing shall be impossible unto you." Matthew 17:20

Sunday, June 13, 2010


First I want to thank Jill for sharing her love of God and her faith with me And her happy spirit. She has brought such Joy in my life. And also God for leading us to each other and this ministry for women. Jill and I met some wonderful people this weekend. We set up a table at my town's Trade's Day. We gave out some of our Faith 101 cards, wanting to get out and meet some people. Letting them know a little about us and Faith 101. We are still in our infant stages. Needing your prayers. Knowing that we must have faith and trust God to lead us the way he wants us to go.
We also had the honor of handing out free bottles of water courtesy of our church. We enjoyed some good conversation with many people. From many different towns, a few from different states. All from different walks of life. Like my friends said in their testimony at our church today. All were in different seasons of their lives.
Sometimes we think we are doing something to bless others, when in truth we are the one's being blessed. We heard testimony from so many, sharing how God had blessed them, or their loved ones. The battles that with God's help they had won or battles they might still be fighting. Many that were lonley and wanted to have someone to talk to. When our day ended we were hot, and tired, but left blessed with a renewed spirit of how wonderful our Lord is. I believe we touched lives and I know my life has been touched.
And then today some really good friends gave their testimony at our Sunday service. They trusted God with their entire heart and soul. So close many times to losing her life or one of the premature twins. And every step was in prayer.... And How awesome is God, The mother glows and the boys are almost 1 year old. And the father beams. And how much closer they are in their walk with God. As a mother I can see how much trust they had and how hard to watch them so tiny and unable to hold them.

We met so many people who touch our lives in way they or even we may never know...But God knows. Nothing happens by accident. It is in God plan in God's time. And we can chose how we will go through life. Let it make you stronger or miss the message. With God nothing is impossible. So I was the receiver of many blessings this weekend. Praying that I will take these blessings and grow closer to God and quieter so that I may hear his plans for me.
Donna Giger June 13, 2010

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