"If you have faith as a grain of a mustard seed... nothing shall be impossible unto you." Matthew 17:20

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Monday, March 14, 2011

Getting Back on Track With God's Help

How many times have we said these statements. I'll start tomorrow -- I got too many things going on in my life right now --- When I get more organized.... You know the drill. Whether it is to start exercising, eating right, reading the bible, making changes. We tend to put these things off. I know I could come up with a hundred excuses. And none of them matter.
God does not promise us a certain time on this earth. But he does give us a fresh new morning each day. And it is up to us to make the best out of each day. It is a clean slate, we do not need to dwell on past mistakes or worry about the future. We have been forgiven for our past and God holds the future. Does worry add a moment to our lives? No, but it can rob us of precious hours. God gives us a peace if we are willing to rest in him.
We have had our trials this last year and they continue. But God has given us such a peace about Wayne's healing. Wayne and I both have put our trust in God and know he has our back. He is our Guardian, our Protector, Our Healer, Our Helper. We are not alone he is with us every step of the way. I don't think we'll get an answer to our prayers for healing over night. I believe it may be a long process, and I must trust God in all the good changes as little or as small as they may be. If I can not trust Him in the small things how will I be able to trust Him in the big things.?
Jill and I are doing a Bible Study on "Made to Crave God" by Lysa Terkeurst. He made me to Crave Him, not the things in life. I would suggest you check out this book. And I would love hearing your comments. We started Faith - 101 to be an support for Women in all walks of life. We are stronger when we have support of others. So many women get missed in traditional support groups. You may be home bound. or have little children and can't afford the child care, or cannot afford the cost of the support group. What I'm lead to do is give every woman who wants or needs support a chance. Doesn't matter you age, your church, we are just a group of Christian women that want to go back to the foundation of loving and building each other up.
As I have said so many times you can build a beautiful house but if you did not fix the foundation first, it's going to fall. We must build on the strong foundation of God. Let him help us build our foundation. Most of us have the know how....but we are missing the " want to" I'm being Less Busy--- More Quiet-- So I can hear God---listen to his will. I may not have the willpower but God does. And I've got back on track with God. Would you like to join me on this journey.?

With the Love of Jesus
Donna Giger
Faith 101

Sunday, June 13, 2010


First I want to thank Jill for sharing her love of God and her faith with me And her happy spirit. She has brought such Joy in my life. And also God for leading us to each other and this ministry for women. Jill and I met some wonderful people this weekend. We set up a table at my town's Trade's Day. We gave out some of our Faith 101 cards, wanting to get out and meet some people. Letting them know a little about us and Faith 101. We are still in our infant stages. Needing your prayers. Knowing that we must have faith and trust God to lead us the way he wants us to go.
We also had the honor of handing out free bottles of water courtesy of our church. We enjoyed some good conversation with many people. From many different towns, a few from different states. All from different walks of life. Like my friends said in their testimony at our church today. All were in different seasons of their lives.
Sometimes we think we are doing something to bless others, when in truth we are the one's being blessed. We heard testimony from so many, sharing how God had blessed them, or their loved ones. The battles that with God's help they had won or battles they might still be fighting. Many that were lonley and wanted to have someone to talk to. When our day ended we were hot, and tired, but left blessed with a renewed spirit of how wonderful our Lord is. I believe we touched lives and I know my life has been touched.
And then today some really good friends gave their testimony at our Sunday service. They trusted God with their entire heart and soul. So close many times to losing her life or one of the premature twins. And every step was in prayer.... And How awesome is God, The mother glows and the boys are almost 1 year old. And the father beams. And how much closer they are in their walk with God. As a mother I can see how much trust they had and how hard to watch them so tiny and unable to hold them.

We met so many people who touch our lives in way they or even we may never know...But God knows. Nothing happens by accident. It is in God plan in God's time. And we can chose how we will go through life. Let it make you stronger or miss the message. With God nothing is impossible. So I was the receiver of many blessings this weekend. Praying that I will take these blessings and grow closer to God and quieter so that I may hear his plans for me.
Donna Giger June 13, 2010

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Praise and Patience

Last time I wrote here was the night before Wayne's surgery a little after midnight. It is now after midnight the night before Wayne goes home from the hospital. I am believing that will be the case. He had his surgery March 25th at 7:30 AM. The surgery was a success. They had to remove the upper lope of his left lung. He has done so well and test came back on the lymnoids and all 11 were negitive. Praise God. He has protected Wayne and continues to heal him. Keeping Wayne here longer than he (Wayne wanted). Again I believe God is taking his time, so Wayne will heal completely. Sometimes we don't think God answers fast enough. When will we learn it is in God's time not ours? I have been staying at the hospital each night, sleeping on a cot. Makes him feel better with me here and it is a small gift I can give him. For he is the other half of me, In many ways the better half. And this has given us some quality alone time we have not had. He works hard and has been so tired. Falling a sleep many nights before eight. I am watching him now, how peaceful it is to watch him sleep. How proud I am when he is able to do more and more on his own. How honored I am when I see the way the nurses praise him. He is so easy to love. I could not imagine my life without him.
We were not able to go to church today. As they did not release him as we thought they would. Brother John came to visit us and share todays sermon with us and le.It was something I needed. He is a good change for our church, we will be blessed with him and Kay as I know God will bless them.
As I think about this day my mind is amazed. How could it be that Our King would give his life for me? That he died for my sins. Not even knowing me, loving me so much. Seeing the good in me, that I was unable to see. That thru him Wayne was healed and given rest. That I was lead to such a loving caring family of God. This Easter day I want to Thank God for his Son our Lord, To know we serve a living Savior. And with him all things are possible, if we only believe. I want to open my heart and mind to grow stronger in my faith. I know he has prepared me for something wonderful. Help me lord to be still enough to hear you. patient enough to trust you. And Thankful enough for all that you have given me. And for Wayne's growing strength and health. I know you had him from the beginng preparing him for this cancer so that we can see your mercy and healing. Thank you Jesus....for loving us and never leaving us, even when we sometimes fail to talk to you or be quiet enough to hear you... D Giger 1245 AM April 5, 2010

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


In a few hours Wayne will be going into surgery. I know I should be asleep but here it is after midnight and I am still up. I'm not worrying. It just when I have something big ahead of us. Usually a trip or company coming. My mind and body does not know how to shut down. I trust God he has blessed me in so many ways I could not imagine. Never having a good relationship with my father or any strong male influence in my life. I could not have dreamed up a better husband or father than Wayne....Isn't it awesome that God knows what we need more than we do. He lead us to early discovery, excellent doctors...A faith support system that blows me away at times. He put Jill and I on the right path to discover each other. And she is as close to me as any daughter or sister could be....Thank you Lord For Wayne my sons and their families for Jill and the wonder prayer warriors you have given to me as friends....I put Wayne in your care and trust you to guide the doctors hands and the healing of the other half of me....
D Giger 12:47 AM March 26, 2010

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Looking for Cheese

Funny how it worked out Thursday. I had found this book "Who Moved My Cheese" by Spencer Johnson at Goodwill for twenty cents. I am sure many of you have read it. I have wanted to get the book for a long time. It has come up in many a conversation in many different meetings and programs when we talk about change . I had never read tho. The lady that was going to do the program for our TOPS wasn't able to, so I needed to do one. I decided to read the story. It's not very long but has a great moral and outlook on how we except change or resist change differently. I have at one time in my life been all four of the imaginary characters in the story. Sniff, the mouse.....who sniffs out change early Scurry, the mouse.....who scurries into action
Hem, one of the little people....He denies and resists change afraid it may lead to something worse . Haw, the other little person.....Who learns to adapt in time when he see changing leads to something better.
Tho I mostly relate to Scurry. I rush into action....maybe not always thinking things completely through. But some times we can over analyze things.... But we all have something in common with these characters. We need to find our way in the maze of our lives and the changes we will surely encounter. As I read this story to the members, the more I realized this was another of those "WOW" times that God gives me. I had been running around in a maze trying the same things that weren't working...some how thinking one day they would. Over analyzing or sometimes be a little angry because I just could not figure it out. When all along if I would have stopped and "forgive the pun " Smelled the Cheese" I would have known I have to change myself if I expect to go anywhere. I was going around in circles when, if I had only stopped and listened to my heart. God's been telling me it's not what I need . What I need is to eat to live and receive my nourishment from him. He knows his plans for me...And I can not be afraid to step out. As I told my friends Thursday I have to start out in Faith. My Cheese isn't there and maybe he has a completely New Cheese I have never tasted or experienced in my life. And I am excited about this journey. And we all know we fall short, and I will stumble but I know

"Whose I am " and he never let me fall. I just have to have FAITH and follow his lead in this maze called life.
D Giger 03/20/2010

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Happy Dance

I believe we learn some of our best lessons from our children or grandchildren. This lesson is from my youngest grandson Gavin. He is 21 months old. He has to be one of the happiest babies I have ever seen. What is so amazing is when he is so tired he goes into this happy dance feet flying and giggling...Just lights up my world. He gives me so much pleasure. I believe he talked to his little brother Ian in heaven. And Ian told him him about his Mom and Dad and that Gavin needed to bring extra laughter into their lives. Because like Ian, little Gavin goes around with this wonderful grin ( like he in on a Great Secret). Wouldn't it be wonderful if we as adults could be more like children. Seeing all the beauty around us, Being happy where we are at, rather than thinking that happiness will come to us wrapped up in a new job, new home, or a bigger paycheck. Whatever we might be looking for. When we are tired, stressed, worn down we tend to get snappy wouldn't it wonderful to kick up our feet in a Happy Dance. A Dance of Praise and Thankfulness of who we are and who loves us even at the times when we are unlovable. I know I will never be able to think of Ian without thinking of hours he stayed up with me at night trying to share his secret.....the one all little children know... Jesus Loves Me
Let's join Gavin and do a Happy Dance...... Not only with it lift our hearts
we might lose a pound or two.... D Giger 03/12/2010