"If you have faith as a grain of a mustard seed... nothing shall be impossible unto you." Matthew 17:20

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Looking for Cheese

Funny how it worked out Thursday. I had found this book "Who Moved My Cheese" by Spencer Johnson at Goodwill for twenty cents. I am sure many of you have read it. I have wanted to get the book for a long time. It has come up in many a conversation in many different meetings and programs when we talk about change . I had never read tho. The lady that was going to do the program for our TOPS wasn't able to, so I needed to do one. I decided to read the story. It's not very long but has a great moral and outlook on how we except change or resist change differently. I have at one time in my life been all four of the imaginary characters in the story. Sniff, the mouse.....who sniffs out change early Scurry, the mouse.....who scurries into action
Hem, one of the little people....He denies and resists change afraid it may lead to something worse . Haw, the other little person.....Who learns to adapt in time when he see changing leads to something better.
Tho I mostly relate to Scurry. I rush into action....maybe not always thinking things completely through. But some times we can over analyze things.... But we all have something in common with these characters. We need to find our way in the maze of our lives and the changes we will surely encounter. As I read this story to the members, the more I realized this was another of those "WOW" times that God gives me. I had been running around in a maze trying the same things that weren't working...some how thinking one day they would. Over analyzing or sometimes be a little angry because I just could not figure it out. When all along if I would have stopped and "forgive the pun " Smelled the Cheese" I would have known I have to change myself if I expect to go anywhere. I was going around in circles when, if I had only stopped and listened to my heart. God's been telling me it's not what I need . What I need is to eat to live and receive my nourishment from him. He knows his plans for me...And I can not be afraid to step out. As I told my friends Thursday I have to start out in Faith. My Cheese isn't there and maybe he has a completely New Cheese I have never tasted or experienced in my life. And I am excited about this journey. And we all know we fall short, and I will stumble but I know

"Whose I am " and he never let me fall. I just have to have FAITH and follow his lead in this maze called life.
D Giger 03/20/2010

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