"If you have faith as a grain of a mustard seed... nothing shall be impossible unto you." Matthew 17:20

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Happy Dance

I believe we learn some of our best lessons from our children or grandchildren. This lesson is from my youngest grandson Gavin. He is 21 months old. He has to be one of the happiest babies I have ever seen. What is so amazing is when he is so tired he goes into this happy dance feet flying and giggling...Just lights up my world. He gives me so much pleasure. I believe he talked to his little brother Ian in heaven. And Ian told him him about his Mom and Dad and that Gavin needed to bring extra laughter into their lives. Because like Ian, little Gavin goes around with this wonderful grin ( like he in on a Great Secret). Wouldn't it be wonderful if we as adults could be more like children. Seeing all the beauty around us, Being happy where we are at, rather than thinking that happiness will come to us wrapped up in a new job, new home, or a bigger paycheck. Whatever we might be looking for. When we are tired, stressed, worn down we tend to get snappy wouldn't it wonderful to kick up our feet in a Happy Dance. A Dance of Praise and Thankfulness of who we are and who loves us even at the times when we are unlovable. I know I will never be able to think of Ian without thinking of hours he stayed up with me at night trying to share his secret.....the one all little children know... Jesus Loves Me
Let's join Gavin and do a Happy Dance...... Not only with it lift our hearts
we might lose a pound or two.... D Giger 03/12/2010


  1. This is great! We should all do a happy dance every time we wake up to another day. We are not promised tomorrow, so we should look at the blessings on today. I often have to look back when O am.having a bad day and say nothing happening today is as bad as kissing Ian. So rejoice that you have a job (even if your boss is crazy), you have shelter (even it is not everything you want), you have been blessed and entrusted with the gift of children (even if they make a mess and will not leave you alone in the bathroom), you have today live it as if it were your last. Never wish you had done more, had said I love you more, or had lived a better life, instead be free with your Love - everyone could use a little more, take on the challenges - do not let fear hold you back, and do not let the what if's keep you from what could be. Sorry to ramble but the gift of life is really clear to me tonight. I am glad to have today and have no personal regrets. If I wake up tomorrow i will remember remember to say Thank you and do a little HAPPY DANCE!

  2. I posted this from my mobile. It should have read nothing is as bad as LOSSING (not kissing) Ian.